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Please browse our selection of Home Office Furnishings.  We offer Desks and Table Desks in various shapes, colors and sizes so as to fit in your home office.  Give us a call at 310-559-9292 or email our sales department at for personalized customer service.  For rental product please visit   WWW.DOZARRENTS.COM


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Black Desk 32 x 21
7121 BlackDesk
Cappuccino Desk 55 x 24
800107 CappuccinoDesk
White Desk 48 x 24
800110 WhiteDesk
Cappuccino Desk 48 x 24
800117 CappuccinoDesk
Black Desk 55 x 24
800436 BlackDesk
Red Brown Desk 58 x 30
800493 RedBrownDesk
Drafting Desk 41 x 24
800986 DraftingDesk